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Bilingual Soil Scientist

Farmers and growers are frequently looking for a plant nutrition specialist who can assist them with soil analysis, fertilizer application recommendations, and improving or remedying soil and plant fertility issues.  Global Agronomy offers professional agronomist services to the agriculture industry and is available for worldwide travel.  Thomas W. Crawford Jr. Ph.D. has decades of experience as a crop consultant for a variety of crops, in many climates and countries.  

Ready for soil sampling? 

Dr. Crawford can provide expert analysis about the results and make recommendations to improve the soil health and plant nutrition.  

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Providing consulting services to the international agricultural development, agribusiness, and engineering communities.

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Creating Sustainable Solutions

A small farm consultant going beyond soil testing and analysis

Soil Testing Service By A Professional Soil and Plant Scientist

If you are having problems with soil and require a full service soil and plant nutrition analysis, Dr. Crawford is an experienced soil consultant who can perform a soil testing service and make recommendations.  Even across a small property, the composition and nutritional makeup of the soil can vary. It’s important to take a variety of samples and have them tested by a qualified soil testing lab. 

Once the results are in, Dr. Crawford will complete his assessments of the problems and present recommended solutions. 

It’s important to understand that every plant species has different nutritional requirements so the recommendations for one crop on one property are unique. 

Dr. Crawford is experienced at assessing problems on a wide variety of terrains, and make recommendations for a small organic farm, acidic soil, loam, desert soils, and soils in extreme drought conditions among others.  

A Small Farm Agricultural Consultant To Solve Soil and Crop Problems

If you’ve used a soil testing service or had soil sampling done on your property, what next?  Even if the lab provides recommended rate of application of various nutrients, there may be underlying issues with the soil, terrain, or factors affecting the plants that are not included in that soil analysis.  The results are only of value when an experienced soil consultant combines the soil testing results and recommendations with an analysis specifically for the problems on your property.  Dr. Crawford has done soil sampling all over the world and made recommendations for improved crop yields.  He is very familiar with the challenges small acreage farmers face. Unlike representatives from fertilizer companies, Dr. Crawford will be able to provide an unbiased and complete recommendation to treat your crop holistically for the best yields and outcomes.

Why Hire a Soil Scientist Consultant for Plant Nutrition on Local Organic Farms?


Improving Crop Yields for  Small Farms

In the United States and Internationally with multilingual soil and plant fertility consulting services.

Organic farming in the United States and abroad has different restrictions and options for treatment of nutritional deficiencies and crop yield improvements.  Dr. Crawford has fruitfully advised organic farmers for years. His deep understanding of soil science, plant nutrition and plant fertility enables him to provide sound and actionable advice for organic crop farmers.

Year after year, farmers face increased pressures to improve yields and crop quality faster and less expensively.  Without proper soil analysis, your farm may be growing substandard crops or wasting resources on fertilizers and possibly even doing damage to degrade the quality of your crops.   When you get a professional soil analysis and consultation, you can improve your farm’s financial picture substantially over the course of even one growing season.


A Soil Consultant to Improve Turf and Terrain

    Athletic Fields and Urban Landscaping Consultant

If your field or landscaping is experiencing perpetual problems due to soil deficiencies, erosion, or other problems, get in touch with Dr. Crawford for a consultation.  Many athletic fields have challenges with even watering and consistent growth. Depending on the scope of your urban landscaping problem, his services may be able to provide the answer you require to keep your turf or property in top condition.

Water Management for Small Scale Farming and Horticulture Operations

Whether you’re struggling with water quality issues or irrigation problems, Dr. Crawford can come to your property, assess the problem areas and make professional recommendations to remedy the areas involved.


Bilingual Soil Specialist Available for International Crop Consulting

 Dr. Crawford is available to travel internationally for crop consulting. He enjoys engaging with farmers and other agricultural professionals in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.   He has prior experience throughout the western, eastern, and southern regions of Subsaharan Africa.  


What does a soil scientist do?

When you hire Dr. Crawford to assess your soil, urban landscape, or crop problems, you can expect that he will: 
1. Visit your site to assess physical and chemical properties of the soil, water, and plants on the premises, as well as the practical aspects of operations on the property.
2. Collect soil and possibly plant samples for analysis, 
3. Provide a comprehensive, detailed report describing the problem and outlining the recommended solutions- what to do to remedy the issue AND why.


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