Drawing on the breadth and depth of my experience in the areas listed below, I can provide diagnosis and recommendations for management of crops, turf and ornamental plants.  I evaluate programs and projects, and proposals, and am skilled in writing reports, training, and giving presentations on technical subjects.  I provide technical input to strategic decisions regarding agriculture and am experienced in both conducting research and managing research by others.  My fluency in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian, provides unique communication skills, reading, writing and speaking for domestic and international companies, agencies, and organizations.

global agronomy consults in the following fields:

  • Plant nutrition

  • Soil science

  • Fertilizers and fertilization

  • Soil management

  • Agronomy

  • Ecology

  • GIS

  • Training

  • Research management

  • The evaluation of programs, projects and proposals

  • Design of programs and projects